Fill Your Bongs!!! We Gotta Party 4 Having Gotten SO FAR!

Let’s Get REAL STONED! Together Tonight! I am writing this stoned… lol

We have to take a little time and Celebrate!!!

Fill those bongs! And let’s get going! Fire ’em up! That’s An ORDER!!!

When we started out in April 2012, although “we were in the Right” from a Moral Standpoint, we were sure “Short on the Stick Power-wise”.


What were we after all? 

In April 2012 we were>>> One blogger on the run from the Mafia, a few WordPress folks in San Francisco, and “our best asset”… Mark J in Florida. 

In April 2012… It was four people (assuming it was only two people in San Francisco) against Dozens of Major Powers that Be All Over the World.

And now GOOGLE and Facebook and WordPress and God Only Knows Who Else In Silicon Valley or that Is Involved With Alternative Medical Suppression, Energy Invention Suppression, the Patriot Movement, the Social Data Revolution in America, U.S. Government Suppression of Truth, Federal Government Suppression of Truth, 9/11 Truth, Internet Censorship, Internet Freedom, and/or is Pro-Revolution in some other way is Backing Us Up, by “Internet Watching Over Us”.

We have much to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving!!!!!

If I am still alive this Thanksgiving, I sure hope to be talking to some Silicon Valley people either face to face or via Video Conferencing over the Internet (in a Google Hangout perhaps!).

And if I am still alive this Thanksgiving, I want all of my WordPress Website Development team members to know my phone number… 541-324-2198… just in case any one of them wants to give me a call. (However, Don’t feel obligated to do so, if you are tied up with family and friends. I already know “where your hearts lie”.)

I cannot appreciate you Mark… and you people in San Francisco… more than I do now.

Allen D with help from his heroic hippie WordPress Team