Wow! We Are Winning Now! If I Remain Alive For Two or Three More Months The Feds Are Toast!

This blog is under construction.

Prefacing Notes written the day after the copy below them–>

I was high when I wrote the copy below–> full of energy and in a great mood. I knew when I wrote my dreams and wish list, that none of it was likely to occur. It is nice to dream though.

Nobody turned me on to 420 tonight.

I am real tired right now, and may not be up to par tomorrow because I did not eat enough today.

Regardless of how I feel from day to day because “I am often not eating enough”, the essence of what I said below is the Truth.

I have stayed in at least seven homeless shelters in the past few years—> and I have never run into a better setup to fight Big Pharma and the Feds than this (MSC South).

Many people here tell me that another homeless shelter called Next Door is even better.

The homeless and I get along well in general.

Homeless shelters are places I can connect and make friends with many other people quite readily.

Homeless shelters represent “a potential Gold Mine” of anecdotal and truthful video testimony in regard to persons taking nutritional supplements, if the money for supplementation can be found.

I am neither prepared or willing to propose a Business Plan on my own for the 1st Internet Woodstock.

I can crush the hoax of pharmaceutical medicine if I am given a little support, a little money and a little time.

That’s the Truth.

ADOGG aka Allen D


That’s No Shit. (I am referring to the blog title here.)

The Title of this WordPress BLOG Assumes that any reluctance to talk to me face to face is soon dropped—> so things can move forward as they should.

Feel free to wait for another two or three days to “make your decision of whether or not to meet with me”.

If what I blog in the next 48 – 72 hours does not convince Google, Facebook, WordPress and the American Mafia to begin negotiations towards developing a mutually beneficial alliance, nothing will.

In my dreams, I dream of all those WordPress folks that have backed me up and supported me, throwing a celebration and “get to know each other for real” 420 party for me! After picking me up at the library sometime next week.

The same goes for Google (and Facebook) soon afterwards.

Or Google can come and get me first. Perhaps that’s how things should be, because Google is similar in power to either the Mafia or the Feds, as long as the Internet remains Uncensored, Open and Free. (Beware of the TPP.)

Ideally, two or three Silicon Valley entities would All come at the same time (say 3:00 pm) and take me to a meeting room with some buffet food or snacks somewhere.

Most of all, I would love to meet those heroes that began “shuffling the time order” of my daily output of blogs in November of 2011—> and then pitched in to help me IRT on April 9th 2013.

You folks can figure this out better than me.

Any time “at your convenience” to drop in to see me and say hello would be perfect for me. 

I suggest that you take a video of me presenting under very mild 420 influence and “well rested and fed” to a Silicon Valley or WordPress Audience sometime.
As soon as I and/or my team start(s) putting decent video on the Internet it’s over.

If I present on Sunday or Monday—> such won’t be my best presentation ever, or even close,but it should be enough to get the job done.

Any video that I may generated should “absolutely not hit YouTube immediately”, in part because of its stock market implications (but there are other reasons as well). 

Everything needs to be carefully and wisely planned from here on out… and—> the Mafia should have input in the decision making process, just as Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WordPress should.

Oh! I forget to mention I want the latitude to bring two or three beautiful black women as my guests, should they be free to attend. I MADE SOME Real FRIENDS HERE already—> thank God.

ADOGG aka Allen D with critical Expert WordPress Help from Mark Jaquith aka Mark J and with heroic help from our heroic San Francisco hippie WordPress Warriors 4 the Truth

P.S. It would “substantially help the cause” if someone brought me 2 small bottles of key anit-manic and sleep promoting supplements. I am going to soon need one bottle each of taurine and tryptophan capsules, 500 mg. each, at least 30 capsules per bottle, but 60 per or 100 per would be even better. I am going to go on a tear, and therefore “I am going to need my 2 key brakes”. A small bottle of 50 mg. or 100 mg. B-Complex and a small bottle of 1000 mg. of hypoallergenic Vitamin C are needed to activate the tryptophan. The use of these four things, in conjunction with the potassium and magnesium “combination supplement” that I have now, give me an incredible degree of bipolar control for peanuts. Others may need a few more inhibitory supplements than me. I know this stuff “thoroughly”—> to the best of my knowledge (and I am almost certain here)—>

ADOGG (that’s me> Allen D) knows therapeutic supplement use More Thoroughly AND BETTER than anyone in the world to date.

And I can readily and profoundly “anecdotally prove what I know”, given adequate fiscal means to do so.